“Pricing Big Data is about spotting a pattern, Pricing Small Data is about spotting the right situation in the right time”…

HowsMyRate.com specializes in collecting hotel room prices and details from over 50 OTAs, accessing prices to over 5m properties in all currencies. The data is enormous.

It is impossible to see the details from such a big picture. Sometime we need a microscope to focus on the little things, that create the big data.

There are many solutions providing hoteliers with such big data, trying to help them focus on the details through Machine Learning mechanisms, alert systems or suggesting the visualisations that would help understand the data better. However this part of hotel business, continues to be the complicated, expensive and mind boiling.

That is why, at HowsMyRate.com we have taken an extra mile to try to help hoteliers understand their pricing better.

“We believe that the ability to go small is the future use of big data.”

In order to go small, we had to breakthrough some hurdles of the industry that are stopping price analytics to be convenient and fun:

  1. Technology
  2. Data visualisation
  3. Customisation
  4. Price

Ad1. Technology has three problems in hotel industry. It is costly, it is not easy to understand and there is lots of it.

We have achieved lean manufacturing data collection style to achieve production excellence and minimisation of costs.

The second problem of understanding we have solved by splitting it into two parts. Everything that is complex, hard to learn and understand, we have hidden in the back. That is the lean manufacturing style of data collection. Everything else that is simple we have exposed to Google Data Studio, the most innovative, free data visualisation tool around.

Ad2. As mentioned above, solved by Google Data Studio. Google has commoditised already maps, search, bookings, meetings and office software and now also data visualisation. Connecting our data to Google Data Studio opens unlimited options for data visualisation and customisation down to personal level.

Ad3. Tap on to Google Data Studio, request our data to connect, plug it and play it. Pick only the data you want and get dozens of different chart types that best describe what you need, select one that looks the best for you.

Ad4. Starting from US$12 per month, any property owner gan get easily familiar with their prices, competition and availability of their product. Simply. So far, HowsMyRate.com offer the best price shopping packages on the market.

Author: Kris Glabinski, President, HowsMyRate.com

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