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Our low-cost and simple rate shopper makes it easy for hotel owners, managers, and revenue managers



The easiest and most cost-effective way for hotel managers to monitor market pricing

A new approach to hotel revenue management

In the past, revenue management for hotels has required specialized skills and complicated, expensive technology. Not anymore. HowsMyRate removes these barriers and makes market price monitoring accessible and affordable to every hotel in the world

HowsMyRate makes it simple is simple and effective. You receive a daily report by email. You can either keep our standard report format to quickly and easily see what is happening in your market or adapt the visualizations to your specific needs.

Empowering you to make accurate pricing decisions

We collate data and deliver it exactly as you want it. Our data team is the best in the world at collecting publicly available information and making it simple and easy to access for our customers

HowsMyRate is a fraction of the cost of other solutions!

From just $15 per month, HowsMyRate is the most cost-effective Rate Tracker on the market. Instead of investing in expensive and hard-to-use proprietary dashboards, we connect our reports to Google’s Data Studio.

By eliminating this cost, we can bring you everything you need to make informed pricing decisions without the high price.

Why so simple?

Instead of making you listen to us, we decided to listen to you! There is no need for expensive dashboards when Google’s Data Studio has everything you need. We can create new visualizations in seconds. If you need something - connect with us on chat, and we’ll make a new one for you.

Instant access to the latest pricing data

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an email packed full of pricing intelligence to help you decide your hotel room price strategy.

You can see how your pricing sits compared to your competitors, check daily, weekly, and monthly highlights, and understand how to price your rooms accurately.

By harnessing the power of Google Data Studio, our visualization gives you unlimited ways to view your data, giving you access to only the most relevant data for your needs.

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How about Rate Parity?

Monitoring your rates across different websites is a persistent and time-consuming challenge for hoteliers. HowsMyRate makes the challenge of rate parity simple.

You can easily see what pricing Online Travel Agents are listing for your hotel through our report visualizations. If you identify a disparity, we will provide a URL link to where the pricing was collected, allowing you to take the necessary actions with the OTA.

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