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The most cost-effective way for hotels to monitor competitive room pricing

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Free setup and Live online support




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Each package provides a link to data visualization by Google Data Studio. There is no need for a credit card to take advantage of the 14-Day Free Trial. You can access the dashboards directly from the email link we send, so no sign on, or complicated set up is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can sign up for however long you like. You can also sign up multiple times, so if you decide to leave and want to come back a few months later you can do so.

Yes you can change your package at any time.

Yes, your reports visualization is completely changeable. The visualizations use Google Data Studio – one of the most flexible, simple and intuitive data analysis tools on the market

Each package consists of 5 key areas “Min & Max price quick check”, “Full outlook 30 days out”, “Rate Parity” “geo location” and “Price Ranking”

Our data team is the best in the world at collecting publicly available information and making it simple and easy to access for our customers. The data we share with you is the most up to date, and accurate on the market.

A Rate shopper is a tool that automatically checks prices of selected hotels for a given date. The user can choose which source they would like to have their prices taken from, select the date span and number of hotels to check.

Rather than in expensive, proprietary dashboards we connect our data reports to Google’s Data Studio. By eliminating this cost, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers, whilst also ensuring the highest quality of data analysis.

Quite simply, every single hotel owner, manager, revenue manager or revenue director. Rate shoppers are no longer solely for big hotels, with large budgets. HowsMyRate makes accurate pricing intelligence accessible for all hotels, regardless of budget.

Your Free Trial is 14 Days. There is no credit card required, and it is quick and easy to upgrade to a full package.

Our standard package allows you to add up to 20 hotel competitors to compare pricing to. However, if you would like to add more, we offer bespoke packages – contact us for more information.

Rate shoppers allow you to monitor the price of competitor hotels. You can monitor the market by analysing many hotels or monitor direct competition analysing selected properties. Either way, the benefit of having a rate shopper is to understand trends and behaviour of the customer, through the reflection in hotel price activity, and adapt your pricing to fit the customer.

What is available in visualization

Each package report consists of 5 pages

Dollar icon

Min & Max price quick look



This Week

This Month

Calendar icon

Full outlook 30 days out



Rates different icon

Rate Parity


URL with link to source

location icon

Geo Location

Graph Location

Reviews icon

Price Rank

Video Location


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